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Design Statement

My goal when designing is to remove clutter and have graphic elements refined and simple. I tackle a project by starting with rough thumbnail sketches before diving into any Adobe Creative Suite program. In the decision making process, if a design doesn’t look neat, clean and professional, it doesn’t belong.


I am very passionate about identity design and brand building. Once I have designed an identity, it is satisfying to see it work seamlessly on business papers as well as products. Seeing a complete brand brings me a great sense of accomplishment
and joy.


When balancing function with aesthetics, I create my design to function well in the space given. I believe high legibility is especially important in brand building and that is always at the top of my list. When I am designing a piece with imagery, I always ensure there is an even balance between the two; type and imagery. Typography never overpowers the image and vice versa. I am also not afraid of white space; my designs are stronger when images and type have space to breathe.

I believe in providing value in all jobs that I work on through the creative and technical design process. My goal is to be a significant contributor to the success of every client I work with always maintaining a positive attitude and also working efficiently. In return, there is nothing more satisfying than when I am able to pull together type with imagery successfully and tastefully, and to transform a blank surface into my clients’ vision. 

My Story

Samantha Sliney is a graphic designer based in Rhode Island. She specializes in identity design, branding and print design. She was born and raised in a small town in southern Rhode Island and moved to the Boston area when she attended Curry College for her undergraduate career. Samantha graduated in May 15' with her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. After graduation she worked as the lead design at a frame/award company in Dedham but has since decided to work closer to home. She is currently filling her time with contract work as well as freelance design. 

Since a very young age, Samantha has been into traditional art such as painting and drawing. In her teenage years she was introduced to graphic design and since then all of her energy turned to this new world of art as she saw it. She was fascinated with the ways she could manipulate type and imagery all through digital media. Though Samantha never lost her knack for painting, she found that she would much rather be designing digitally using Adobe Creative Suite programs such as, Photoshop and Illustrator. Before she knew it, graphic design became her passion. 

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